At Family Options, our mission is to provide affordable, quality adoption services that are tailored to meet each family’s needs. Founded in 1988, Family Options continues to provide compassionate support and personal care to all persons touched by adoption.

We recognize that adoption related issues are complex, and families often need professional support and guidance. Our non-profit organization offers services during all stages of the adoption process in an effort to educate, counsel and prepare both adoptive and birth families.

We provide a full range of services from pre-placement information and counseling to post-placement services, using traditional and innovative means. Family Options is committed to focusing on the family and developing realistic approaches to adoption.

Selecting an agency to help with the biggest decision of your life is a deeply personal choice. We aim to provide you all of the information you need to assure you that we are the right choice. Here is a little bit about us!

  • Family Options has been successfully serving families for over 25 years. We have recently extended our reach to the Hawaiian islands.

  • We know that birth mothers make adoption plans because they care about their child and their child’s future. Our mission is to help you make an adoption plan that is respectful and considerate of the birth family, the adoptive family, and especially the child to be adopted.

  • We work with both birth parents and adoptive parents to ensure a loving adoption plan is in place. Our goal is to secure a bright, healthy future for your child.

  • We offer professional expertise; our staff holds impressive credentials with extensive social work and counseling experience.

  • Staff is available to answer your questions and address your needs 24 hours a day.

  • Our adoptive and birth family clients are our best references